10 Things You Think Will Hurt Your Credit Score—But Actually Won’t

Now that we’ve got the philosophical discussion out of the way, I’m pleased to say that marrying someone with bad credit won’t affect your credit score one bit! You are not responsible for your future spouse’s bad credit or debt, unless you choose to take it.

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But although most advice may be well-intentioned, not all of it will improve your financial health. In fact, some of these tips are better left ignored, because they may actually. your savings, you.

10 Things to NEVER Buy [Scams and Money Wasters] “Given the strong public support for the program, it is inconceivable that Congress won’t step in sometime before 2035 and.

So, so long as your credit isn’t in really bad shape, you should get well above 5 points. You can always try our credit simulator. Also, if the company you bought from didn’t go over these things with you, just cross your fingers and if it doesn’t work, you can always give us a call so we can help you do it correctly.

 · Inquiry for Credit. When you apply for a balance transfer card, the credit card issuer will pull your credit report and an inquiry will be added to your credit report.. inquiries account for ten percent of FICO credit scores and assuming this is the only inquiry in the last 12 months, the inquiry will have a negligible impact if any on your score.

So at the time of sale, you don’t know what you are buying other than what the company or agent promotional or sales pitch conveys to you. 4. If the amount of your insurance coverage is not sufficient to cover your actual loss because the insurance agent recommended that you insure for less than the amount you actually needed, the insurance.