Gold Prices Bounce On Fed Speak, Weaker USDX, US Stocks

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Over this 10th rally s total span since mid-April, gold fell 23.0% while the USDX rallied 19.9%. As a ratio this 1.16x inverse relationship isn t bad compared to bear precedent. For example in the dollar s 3rd major bear rally the gold price fell 8.1% on a 4.3% dollar rally, a 1.88x inverse.

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Asian stocks are trading mostly lower as Tuesday’s bounce on Wall Street stalled amid simmering tensions between the United States and China over trade sanctions.

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It was a blockbuster day for stocks on Wednesday, and the good times looked to continue in Asia. Oil prices also boomed.

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It could be an uncomfortable day for the Fed chair. Away from the US, Chinese inflation for. In commodities, the intraday.

the Banks saw trading revs plunge but for the most part had better net interest income due to prior hikes by the FED, and all saw cost. Look – stock prices in the US have done amazingly well.the.

Gold futures prices are moderately higher Wednesday, on a corrective rebound following the strong losses Tuesday. Prices hit a 3.5-month low overnight. Near-term technical damage has now been inflicted to suggest prices will continue to drift sideways to lower for at least the near term. December Comex gold was last up $8.70 an ounce at [.]

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Gold prices stall despite weaker Treasury bond yields, US Dollar Testimony from Fed Chair Powell might hurt commodity prices Crude oil prices plunged after US President Donald Trump took twitter to talk OPEC out of raising prices further, saying they are “getting too high” and asking the cartel to “take it easy”.