Jewish man ‘trapped in marriage’ by court order

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A deadlock between Jewish religious law and a family court order has trapped a property millionaire in a marriage to his estranged wife, judges have been told. Alan Moher, 54, told the Court of Appeal.

In Judaism, marriage between living spouses is terminated through a special divorce ceremony, whereby the husband gives his wife a document of divorce known as a get in the presence of witnesses. Written by a scribe, the get is prepared and given under the careful guidance of a beit din (jewish ecclesiastical court).

Last week, the supreme court heard testimony in two cases that may decide the future of same-sex marriage. a man I could not free myself from. Just after I came out as gay to myself, my family, and.

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A Jewish man claims he is being discriminated against because of his religious beliefs in a very acrimonious’ divorce from his estranged wife. alan moher, 54, was ordered to hand over a £1.6million lump sum to wife Caroline, 46, by the Family Court as well as £1,850 per month in maintenance payments until he grants her a Get’ – a document that officially ends a marriage.

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 · In Israel, Jewish Divorce Is Granted Only By Husband’s Permission. A new Israeli film playing in the U.S. shows how patriarchal Jewish divorce laws can trap even secular women for years. The film is a drama called Gett: The Trial of Viviane Ansalem. Viviane wants a divorce but needs her husband’s permission. The scene is a small courtroom,

She is not a widow, she is not divorced, she is what is known in Hebrew as an aguna, or a "chained" woman, because though she wants to, as a Jewish woman, she cannot free herself from her marriage to.

As we peruse the distinct laws we will clearly see how Torah gives greater consideration to the honor of a Jewish daughter. Let us review some of the details: (A) First of all there is a basic.

Rav Kook was overjoyed with the good news: David Tidhar, a Jewish officer. would become an agunah, trapped in her marriage and unable to remarry.. He detained the man until Rav Kook sent word that the court order had been obtained.