One major tax deadline is here. Now, get ready for the next one

To the lucky folks who have an incoming refund, you get a lot of leniency with your taxes, but even if you do have until 2021 to file, file as soon as you can to stay on top of things and get.

Today is April 15th, and if you haven’t filed your tax return, or filed for an extension, today is the day of truth. If you are scrambling to get everything together, take a deep breath, file for an extension (you don’t need a reason, just Form 4868), and make a resolution to do better next year.

Some employers will have one more filing cycle to complete next month under the old method, but payday filing still starts from the first April payday.. our focus now is to help get them started.". "The main thing we want employers to know is that we’re here to help them be ready for.

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IRS tax tip 2018-175, November 13, 2018. The IRS reminds taxpayers there are steps they can take now to make sure their tax filing experience goes smoothly next year. Taking these steps will also help them avoid surprises when they file next year.

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Ready or not, tax season, defined as the first day that the IRS accepts tax forms to the tax filing deadline, will be here soon. For the 2018 filing season (covering the 2017 tax year), tax season begins on Monday, January 19 and ends on Tuesday, April 17.

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Tax Day 2019 – Ready or Not. tax day 2019. Tax Day, love it or strongly dislike it, here it comes. This year, we have our normal tax deadline of April 15, 2019. Do you have to pay this year? If so, did you budget appropriately for that? Are you getting a refund this year?

Another way to get ready is to attend our upcoming event, QuickBooks Connect, where we will be walking attendees through the steps small businesses need to take to get ready for STP, sharing tips to save time and filling attendees in on how MyGov will replace annual payment summaries. Members of the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) will also be.

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