The Feeling You Get from Owning Your Home

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No matter what shape or size your living space is, the concept and feeling of home can mean different things to different people. Whether it’s a certain scent or a favorite chair, that feeling of safety and security you gain from owning your own home is simultaneously one of.

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This is a really well-written post Norbert. I hope you are enjoying your time home with your family. It usually comes with many mixed emotions and as it’s only a temporary stay it should mostly be just exciting emotions while you rediscover and reconnect. I understand what you say about the strangeness of no longer having a key to your home.

You may have the option of a more flexible lifestyle. For women, especially, owning your own business can give the lifestyle flexibility necessary to raise a family and still have a successful career. Mompreneurs are a growing trend; according to the state-owned business report, commissioned by American Express,

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 · The Feeling You Get from Owning Your Home. Presented as a public service by Joe Peters of Coldwell Banker. We often talk about the financial reasons why buying a home makes sense. But, more often than not, the emotional reasons are the more powerful and compelling ones.

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1. Pressure from Other People. When you reach a certain age or start a family or get married, you may get pressure to buy a home. Family and friends may have expectations that it is time to buy a home and "settle down.". It is important that you are ready and stable enough to buy a home.

"I’d started going down that path of getting a home. that you feel like is all your own, I guess you could very much be the only human beings on the planet," says Creasey. "That’s the crescendo of.