Why Microsoft Wants to Regulate Own Facial Recognition IT

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Today, those companies and other tech giants like Microsoft are leaders in facial recognition. world harm if they want to sue over the unauthorized use of their biometrics. Other states are.

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Microsoft Wants to Stop AI’s ‘Race to the Bottom’ "We believe it’s important for governments in 2019 to start adopting laws to regulate" facial-recognition technology, said Microsoft President.

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 · Microsoft is finally putting an end to its role in the potential for abuse that facial recognition technology has, which could lead to incidents of racial profiling. The Breakdown You Need to Know

 · According to Smith, a government regulation will stop the private and public sectors from using facial recognition to undermine people’s rights. Facial recognition refers to a computer’s capability to identify and confirm a person’s face using photos or a camera. Many tech companies, like Amazon and Microsoft, are already developing and selling their own facial recognition software. In addition, many.

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Microsoft wants the government to regulate facial recognition technology By: Kelsey D. Atherton July 18, 2018 Facial recognition technology is a tool largely developed and refined in the commercial sector that could have tremendous implications in processing images captured by surveillance platforms.

AMAZON SHAREHOLDERS (afternoon Mercedes) are to vote on whether to continue work on Rekognition, the controversial facial recognition software. Amazon and Microsoft both believe that governments.

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Though Microsoft mentioned face recognition technology in that post, the company clarified in its Friday blog post that its contract for ICE did not include anything related to face recognition. Rather, it provided the agency with productivity software such as email, calendar, messaging, and document management.

Microsoft Wants Rules for Facial Recognition-Just Not These. on two competing bills to regulate facial recognition.. the company issued its own call for new legislation on facial.

The need for government regulation. We live in a nation of laws, and the government needs to play an important role in regulating facial recognition technology. As a general principle, it seems more sensible to ask an elected government to regulate companies than to ask unelected companies to regulate such a government.